Secondary Progression Chart

Secondary Progression Chart


Secondary Progressions Chart

This report opens a revealing window on the future.

In addition to a comprehensive list of key planetary influences for the period of time you want me to define, this report gives you

detailed interpretation of those energies; when they begin, a description of their impact on the natal chart, and when their influence fades. This report provides advice on how best to use these energies to the greatest advantage. The knowledge gained by Progressing a natal chart allows an individual to take greater control of the direction of their life, and to make decisions that will impact the present and vibrate positively through the years ahead. It is a way to lay the proper groundwork for a personal future of success and fulfillment.

*10-70 page Custom Written report with Aspects chart. Emailed to you as a PDF/Word Document File. 

Please indicate your birthday, birthday year, city and country of birth and the time frame you want progressions for. 

*Example: Dec 10th 2018-Dec 10th 2019* (Report turnaround times are prepared within 1 week).

Energy exchange: $104

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