Relationships Chart

Relationships Chart


Relationships Chart

A good relationship can be a wellspring of energy and power for both individuals. It can carry you through life on a wave of success and fulfillment. A great relationship truly can make the birds sing and the sun shine brighter.

The dark side of this picture, when the wrong choices are made, is misery, anger, conflict, confusion, a drain on everything in your being that lets you move forward. Understanding potential positives and negatives of your lives together can make all the difference in both peoples' lives. You have a choice of three different types of relationship charts or graphs and interpretations: “Synastry,” “Composite”, and “Relationship.” A “Synastry” chart lets you see how both of your “stars align." The “Composite” chart is the chart of the relationship itself. Basic relationship dynamics can be seen in the “Composite” chart. The “Relationship” chart provides an inside look at the "third" participant in a relationship - the relationship itself.

*10-20 page Custom Written report with chart or grid. Emailed to you as a PDF/Word Document File. 

Please indicate both you and your partner’s birthday, birthday year, city and country of birth. Please also let me know which kind of chart you want: 




(Report turnaround times are prepared within 1 week).

Energy exchange: $104

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