Medical Clairvoyance Readings

Medical Clairvoyance Readings


What is Medical Intuition? 

Medical Intuition seeks to name the root cause or original trigger of a complaint, illness or disease, or to proactively discover the imbalance before it becomes disease or illness. Unlike a psychic reading, a Medical Clairvoyance Reading provides a detailed anatomical and psychological profile of the root cause(s) or core imbalances. Together we will discover and trace any imbalances back to their source location (specific muscles, bones, organs, glands, chakras, aura) and time frames. I will look and "see” chemical and neurological imbalances, physical, psychological, emotional and karmic traumas and blockages in the organs and tissues throughout the body, that determines the initial trauma, injury or event (or multiple-causal factors that triggered the blockage or imbalance that ultimately manifested as an illness or condition.) My goal is to assist the client in resolving the root cause of the problem through natural means. The information I receive includes precise descriptions of the most efficient "homework" responsibilities of the client, as well as healing methodologies to be employed by myself or another practitioner. The self-empowering "homework" information frequently includes specific cleansing and meditation techniques, self-healing exercises, and other energetic recommendations.

Medical Clairvoyance readings can help clients:

1.    Optimize emotional well-being during physical change

  1. Identify and neutralize stress inducing beliefs

4.    Find peace with one's present moment experience

5.    Uncover unforeseen potentialities

6.    Experience soothing empathetic resonance

*Please Note: A Medical Clairvoyance Reading is not a Medical Diagnosis* 

-Always consult a physician for all medical concerns.

-It is illegal for anyone other than a licensed medical doctor to diagnose or advise you on any medical issue. 


Energy Exchange: $94 per hour 

(This service is done in person and can be added to any other service as an “A La Carte” item).

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