Galactic Sound Elixir

Galactic Sound Elixir


Our Galactic Sound Elixir is a Multidimensional harmonic experience which amplifies the most uplifting and healing energies to the energetic body of those who enjoy this very unique Soundbath. Our signature sound includes an eclectic mix of stunning instruments varying from a Cosmic Etheric vibrational range to stimulate the upper Chakras in the body while incorporating a Primal Gaia vibrational range to stimulate the lower Chakras in the body. The combination of the Space and Planet Earth rhythms create a multi-sensory Symphony Of harmonics to unify the Body, Mind and Spirit to the Universal Consciousness Of The Intelligent Infinity. Dive into this protected space of Sound and emerge from the Session feeling “wholistic” and connected to Source. 

Once the Session is purchased, you will be emailed to coordinate a date and time for your session along with us providing you the address and phone number of our location where the session will be held.

Energy Exchange: $84 per 1 hour session. Sessions are done in person in Paia, Maui. 

These Sessions can be added to any other service as an “A La Carte” item. 

*Strict Cancellation Policy: 12 hours advance notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 

*No refunds will be offered on no call/no show appointments.

*No refunds will be offered on canceled appointments without 12 hour advanced notice.

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