Candle Altar Services

Candle Altar Services


Setting Lights is a prayer, a simple form of spellwork, to aid in helping achieve a desired goal.

There are a number of reasons why people turn to another for candle work. Many times there are other people in the house that do not approve of any type of magical workings and could possible blow out or destroy a vigil candle. Others simply don’t want to leave a candle burning for that many days in their home unattended. Sometimes, the request a person has needs to remain a private matter and out of the sight of others. But, many times, clients say they prefer to having an experienced practitioner of magic dress and light their candle for them.

I will do the work of dressing the candles with herbs and oils, affixing Petitions, praying over each candle on your behalf, and emailing you a Candle Divination Report after the burning light is finished. The report gives you an interpretation of the outcome based on the ancient art of Ceromancy, or Divination by wax and any concluding message from Spirit along with a photo of the finished candle itself. 

All candles are prepared, dressed and burned for you between 7-10 days.

Energy Exchange: $44 per candle. 

(This service can be added to any other service as an “A La Carte” item). 


In order to create a candle spell for you on our altar, I would like to know:

-Your name

-The name of the person for whom the candle is being set (yourself or someone else)

-Your request regarding the situation. 

It helps me if you can also tell me the birth dates of the parties involved and send a picture of the persons for whom the candles are being set.

Please enter your Petition or Prayer Request in an email when you place your candle order. If you do not include a Prayer Request or Petition, I will make a general Prayer Petition for the success of your work, according to the type of candle you have requested. 

Some examples of popular candle requests:

  1. Money, Luck, Prosperity, and Career Success 

  2. Love, Romance, Sex, Reconciliation and Friendship. 

  3. Against Harm, Block Enemies, Reversible, Cut All Ties, Hex Breaker. 

  4. Purification, Blessing, Healing, Wisdom, and Protection. 

  5. Fame, Fortune, Abundance, Recognition. 

  6. Planetary Influences, Full Moon and New Moon Influences 


If you wish us to affix photographs to your candles, please send them to me as email attachments along with your Petition.

*Please title your email "Photos and Prayer Request For Candle Petition" in order to assure that the email is handled correctly.

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