Moorea is a Canadian born Galactic Mystic, Ordained High Priestess, Astrologer, Channeler and a Certified Dakini Of Tantra Education. She is also a Medical Clairvoyant, Crystal Reiki Master, Cellular Sound Alchemist, a Multidimensional Energy Mechanic and a Certified PandoraStar Deep Trance Meditation Expert.

Her expanded background includes 11 years of competitive gymnastics, downhill ski racing and circus artistry and attended fashion design school. She resided in Las Vegas for 7 years and was a professional dancer and performance artist in 3 Las Vegas shows. She also has an extensive modeling career having shot with some of the more well known photographers and videographers, gracing the cover of 8 different magazines and featuring in several music videos with millions of views worldwide. She recently began her acting career in early 2017 with 9 films under her belt. She does her own stunts and fight scenes as well as being an associate producer.

In 2012, Moorea had her spiritual awakening via a series of magical journeys with a Shaman which led to her connection with the Stars and her Pleiadian Star lineage. This opened up a whole new vista in her life that made her realize she is on the path of becoming a powerful healer and Lightworker. Discovering her deep alignment with the Goddess frequency and the Ascended Masters, her purpose in this lifetime is to assist the collective in balancing the Divine Feminine harmonic energy on the planet. Her mission includes extensive spiritual work and studies involving her multi-modality healing services, celestial teachings and being a harbinger of the shift into 5D, as well as the unification of the mass collective consciousness. For we are all one. She believes we all are multidimensional beings and true creators of our realities. It is our birthright as sovereign beings to manifest pure magic in our lives. The Goddess embodies those of her kind. 

Moorea now resides in Lemuria (now known as Maui, Hawaii) pursuing her adventurous lifestyle. She enjoys unlocking the mysteries and codes of the āina, searching within to find her own gnosis and exploring the stunning beaches, jungles and sacred sites everyday. She is an avid lover of animals, nature, crystals, plant medicine and having heartfelt conversations of the Cosmos with kindred souls.

Moorea is currently working on PandoraStar special events and developing the Galactic Goddess name into a lifestyle brand for all of the modern day Mystics. She will be offering her own designed Oracle Card Decks, Goddess Rune Crystals, Clothing, Candles, Magic Supplies and Apothecary items made with Hawaiian plant medicinals.
Stay dialed in for more magic to come!

Moorea is also available for paid bookings, TV and film, brand ambassadorships, sponsorships, artistic collaborations and passion projects. Please inquire if you feel your vision and proposal align with her vision and offerings.


For Theatrical, Commercial bookings, and Resume/Reel requests, please contact my manager Darcie Pulawa at Divergent Talent.


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